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About us

Urbino Ag. is a family owned and operated business.  We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and only use the best Australian ingredients.

We are located in St Albans which is just over 90kms north west of Sydney.  It's a picturesque and historic town which was once on the main road north to Newcastle commonly known as the Convict Trail.  The freeway has now changed all that and St Albans is now a sleepy town ideal for a country drive or weekend away.  There are a number of great accommodation options including:  

Settlers Arms Inn, Price Morris Cottage, St Josephs Guest House, The Old Courthouse and Yanada just to name a few.

St Albans has a number of pecan farms which sell wholesale to the food industry.  Urbino Ag. thought it would be a great idea to take these delicious nuts and make some local products out of them and the rest is history.  

You can also find us on Facebook @urbinoag or call on 0413 063 412 weekdays or 02 4568 2287 weekends (there is currently no mobile access in St Albans).


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